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Posted by Heath from Tru on July 20, 2011

A monthly boost for our Tru SIM users

Tru-SIM-cardWe are always looking for ways to offer more savings, in a simpler way, to you.

So we are happy to let all of our pre-pay SIM card customers know that as of today we have eliminated the monthly membership fee for good.

This was the fee payable to access local rates in all Tru countries, and its removal means that all customers can now access local rates for calls, texts and data, in all Tru countries (US, UK, Australia), without having to do or pay a thing!

Here's what our CEO Geraldine Wilson had to say about this change:

“Communicating seamlessly across borders with traditional networks can be criminally expensive – but for people who live and work across borders, international communication is vital. We’ve worked hard to eliminate this membership fee, and are delighted to be able to bring another great innovation to people who live international lives.”

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Will Tru Sim offer a post paid solution for personal use?

For example:
I am currently on Vodafone UK, 3000 UK minutes, 1gb UK data/month + 25meg/day data when roaming internationally. On quieter months average phone bill is £150.

Could Tru offer the personal user such a package?

Thanks for your consideration.


Tru is a nightmare - operationally and technically they have driven me crazy for over a week with the poorest customer service and lack of access to technical teams who need 10days to do what other networks do in ten minutes!

Danny, we are looking at introducing post-paid solutions for personal use to go alongside our pay as you go solution. Stay tuned!

Su, we are sorry to hear about your experience, as we pride ourselves on our level of customer support. Is your concern still outstanding, or has it now been resolved?

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