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Posted by Heath from Tru on October 20, 2011

Our 3 favourite Android's Ice Cream Sandwich features

The Android 4.0 operating system, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, was announced today, following the release of Apple's recent iOS 5 launch.

There are plenty of great features in this new platform, but three in particular that we really like.


Simple data management tools
In order to help Android users avoid using too much data and ending up with a big phone bill (especially when abroad), they have introduced some controls that allow the user to set limits on how much data they use. The system will then provide warnings when they are reaching this self-imposed limit.



Android Beam
This feature allows fellow Android users to share content between themselves by simply touching their phones together. Very innovative.



Face Unlock
This feature allows you to unlock your phone by the phone taking a scan of your face. There have been concerns about how it works in the dark, and the fact that someone else could scan your face while you sleep, but we still like it because it is new and unique, and would make you feel like a bit of a spy.


All of the features are available to view at the official Android 4.0 website.

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Apps are getting cooler and cooler. The Face Unlock app seems useless, but still is very cool. Other people can unlock your gadget when you fall asleep, and I guess even when they have a photo of you. Don't even get me started about identical twins.

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