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Posted by Truphone on October 03, 2012

Introducing "The Virtual SIM"

Yesterday we featured at the at DEMO conference in Santa Clara California. We see DEMO as a fantastic launch-pad for emerging technologies and trends - every year they select the 75 most promising business ideas for presentation to 1,000 of the brightest minds in the industry.

Our very own James Tagg (founder and creator of Truphone) presented Truphone's newest innovation – 'Let's Connect'.

Armed with his safari hat, James regaled the attendees with the story of his recent trip to Kenya. The photos of his experiences were stunning, but he couldn't share them with friends and family – even though the network and technology was available – the cost would be way too high.

James on Safari at DEMO

So he created something, something which we'll be taking to market soon.

James is pretty nonchalant about his latest creation, but he couldn't help feel a little bit pleased when he said, "We've created the world's first Virtual SIM."

It's easy to use – you just land in a country, select the package you want, and that's it – your SIM is provisioned over the air.

The judges completely bought into it: "It was probably the cleanest value proposition and something I could see myself using," said Pete Sonsini of venture capital firm, New Enterprise Associates.

You can read the full story at VentureBeat.com (the people behind DEMO), but what do you think about Let’s Connect? Is it an #aweSIM idea?


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